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December 2017

The raffle held at the Members' Night on 13th December raised £41 for the Trust's Curlew Appeal
 [details on main Trust website]




November 2017

A small number of Silver-studded blue butterflies were found this year on one of the Trust's newest reserves, still known as Plot 15, on the north -eastern edge of Prees  Heath



January 2016

Greenfields extension almost fenced


October workparty (13) (1024x768).jpg


Greenfields Local Nature Reserve is being extended up to the road at Greenfields Rise. This new section is to be called Staggs Meadow and our volunteers have been busy with fencing it so that, like the rst of the reserve, it can be grazed by Dexter cattle. This work is nearly complete with probably two more work parties needed. The photograph shows some of the team enjoying their lunch break.



7 August  2015

Dexters are back at Greenfields Local Nature Reserve


After an absence of two years we have a group of 7 dexters grazing the reserve once again. After less than a week there is planty of evidence of where they’ve been! Many thanks to Alan Ball for agreeing to graze the site and deliveing the animals last Saturday.  The dexters arrive on Facebook.



8 July 2015

Aqualate visit a sell out

DSC_5099 (640x426)  DSC_5110 (2) (640x330)  DSC_5103 (640x426)

Almost 30 SWT members attended an interesting walk around Aqualate Mere National Nature Reserve near Newport on a bright, dry but rather cool evening. The event was led by Tim Coleshaw of Natural  England. The mere, although a mile long is ever more than a metre deep. Plans are in the pipeline to do some dredging involving the removal of half a million m3 of silt.



November  2013

LJC grant for Greenfields leaflet


The branch has been awarded a grant of £393 by Shropshire Council’s  Whitchurch and Surrounding Area Local Joint Committee to update and reprint the Greenfields Nature Reverve guide leaflet .



November  2013

New Water Vole website – The Water Vole Channel goes live


The Whitchurch Community Water Vole Project’s website previously attached to the Wood Lane Reserve website has been replaced by The Water Vole Channel.


A big thank you to John Harding for his hard work in creating this new and attractive site at http://www.whitchurchwatervoles.co.uk/


22 July  2013

Dexters return


Two dexters from Cheshire Wildlife Trust’s conservation grazing herd have arrived at Greenfields to manage the meadows.



April  2013

Sewer replaced


Contractors working for Welsh Water have replaced the problem sewer with a new pipe running just inside the fence. To avoid disturbance to the water voles, the old pipe was left in place at the top of the bank. The manhole has also been totally rebuilt.



8 February 2013

Camera crew visits Greenfields


Welsh Water camera crew 1000 Welsh Water camera crew (3) 1000


For several years we’ve been having problems with the sewer that runs along the top of the bank and and across the brook near the bridge. These are mainly to do with the manhole shown above coming loose and it’s mounting cracking, but now there is another leak further along the bank. A camera was sent along this length from both ends but couldn’t see much due to it being a low point and therefore being full of water and a lot of silt.  The silt was flushed out using a high-pressure Warthog . This was quite eerie – you could hear it pass you as it travelled through the pipe under ground! The leak is due to be repaired this weekend and we’ve been promised a “scheme” to deal permanently with the manhole.



26 Ocober 2012

Dexters due to go home for the winter

dexters not leaving 1000 dexters not leaving (1) 1000


As most of you will know, Bill and Ben [see below] spent only 2 weeks at Greenfields and were replaced in late August by three dexters. The problem with Bill and Ben was their over-familiarity with having people around. Unlike most cattle, if they were lying on a path in the woods they would not get up and move away when approached. Understandably some people were uncomortable with this. The dexters, friendly as they are, tend to move away if you get too close – unless of course if you are carrying beef nuts! It is now time for them to go back to Cheshire Wildlife Trust’s Bickley Hall Farm for the winter but so far the young male has had other ideas and several attempts to corale him on the bridge along with the two cows have ended in failure.



30 July 2012

Longhorn cattle due at Greenfields

Bickley Hall Fm CWT-SWT (5) 500  Bickley Hall Fm CWT-SWT (4) 500


Two Longhorn cattle known as “Bill” and “Ben” are due to arrive at Greenfields today. They are instead of the usual Dexters which are all busy munching their way across nature reserves in Cheshire. Despite their large horns, they are quite placid and are used to seeing people and sensible dogs. These pictures were taken a couple of weeeks ago when some members of our group took a walk through the Longhorns at the Cheshire Wildlife Trust’s Bickley Hall Farm.




14 May 2012

Greenfields Nature Reserve Boardwalks opened by Lady Veronica Cossons,

President of Shropshire Wildlife Tust



Around 60 people gathered at Greenfields Local Nature Reserve on Saturday 12th May on a gloriously sunny afternoon to join with Lady Veronica Cossons, President of Shropshire Wildlife Trust in the formal opening of the new boardwalks and steps which have been constructed over the last fifteen months by a team totalling of nineteen volunteers. This was no cutting of a ribbon event  but rather something more energetic [see above]. In her opening speech, Veronica paid tribute to the volunteers and the huge amount of work [around 600 man-hours] that they had put in. She also mentioned that this year is the 50th Anniversary for the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and that from the beginning, the Trust had always striven to connect people with nature, something at the very heart of greenfields Local Nature Reserve. After the opening ceremony, visitors were invited to explore the reserve, talk to members of the branch, do a bit of pond-dipping, look out for water vole [one lady did see one!], hunt for butterflies and other insects and finally, enjoy tea and delicious cakes. Pete Boardman, leader of the Invertebrate Challenge, was also with us talking to visitors. Not only did Pete find 13 species of crane fly, but also a nationally rare solitary bee associated with speedwell.


More photos


Greenfields All the Year Round – a project to improve access in the reserve has been




26 November 2011

Small Mammal Survey  


A small mammal survey was carried out at Greenfields over the days 11-13 November using Longworth live traps. Eight people attended the release session early on the Sunday morning. Wood mice, bank voles and a field vole were recorded. The results will be fed into the Mammal Society’s Mini Mammal Monitoring Scheme.


Read the full report by clicking here.





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